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Press Play Video Analysis for sports injury prevention and treatment

Very few sports medicine treatment centers have the means to do a frame by frame video analysis.  Dr. Greaux feels analyzing the movement is a VERY important piece of the puzzle since you can see first hand biomechanics in sport and also breaking their sport down by screening fundamental movement patterns.

paul-lunge-snapshoUsing Dartfish software (www.dartfish.tv) Dr. Greaux will be able to help train athletes and treat their injuries.  Press Play Video Analysis captures, edits, and analyzes various sport motions using onscreen drawings, angles, lines, etc. and adds voice over analysis to make it easy to understand. Dr. Greaux will also videotape you doing 10 different dynamic biomechanical movements to find the weak link in your body or body movement that is leading to injury or suboptimal performance. Those 10 movements will be analyzed as well in the same manner as the video of their sport.

After careful motion analysis, you will receive a specific list of exercises to do to correct any dysfunction found on the video.  We will also take a complete history of their injuries and athletic performance that may be contributing to your issues.  You will also receive suggestions on which soft tissues may need to be addressed by their Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, or Trainer.

Through www.dartfish.tv you will be able to login to a “locker” with a provided login and password to view AND download you personal video analysis onto any computer as well as burn it on a CD/DVD.  You will also get a CD that Dr. Greaux will burn and mail to you or your sports medicine practitioner.  You can then share this login/password with your doctor, physical therapist, coach, trainer, etc. to make sure that everyone is on the same page and treating the same issues.

Press Play Video Analysis Works

  • From gaining an understanding of the physical demands of the sport as well as the athlete’s previous sports involvement, training, and injuries, we can learn patterns of potential movement dysfunction and compensation.  This is essential to make the analysis be athlete specific, not just sport specific.
  • Identifying injury and compensation patterns while the athlete is performing their sport in a “live” setting.
  • Screening fundamental movements in a clinical setting will demonstrate significant limitations and asymmetries and also help to narrow the focus of problem areas within the human body.
  • Identifying and acting upon muscle imbalances, flexibility issues and stability/strength deficits before they result in injury.
  • Having specific exercise and stretching protocols that can limit the development of the faulty movement patterns and compensations…before they happen.

Why Press Play:

paul-squat-snapshotInjury Prevention – Through Press Play Video Analysis you will be able to see the the areas of your body that need strengthening and learn ways to decrease the likelihood of injury.  No matter what sport or exercise you are doing, using this cutting edge sports medicine technology for motion analysis will help you stay injury and pain free.  By using video technology your trainer or physical therapist will be able to design specific strength and flexibility exercise routines to work on the exact areas of concern on your body.  Don’t just wait for an injury to happen, stay ahead of the game with Press Play Video Analysis.

Performance Enhancement - Video has long been used by professional athletes to breakdown their movements and perfect their motions.  Professional athletes have been using video analysis to improve their performance for years.  Now, with Press Play video analysis you can too.  No matter what sport or activity you are participating in, this breakthrough video technology can help.  Golfers can use Press Play to further their drives, baseball players can monitor their swings, and runners can gain endurance.  By breaking down your movements on video, Dr. Greaux will be able to see points of weakness and be able to help you perfect the motions that make up your sport.

Injury Recovery - Dr. Greaux is a licensed and trained chiropractor, ART specialist, and has many years of training in all aspects of physical therapy and sports medicine.  With Press Play video analysis Dr. Greaux is able to pinpoint weakpoints in your range of motion and is better able to diagnose physical problems and design personalized strength and flexibility programs for each client.  By using Press Play before an injury occurs, your body will already be better equiped to handle a sports injury and recovery time will be faster.

Our bodies work around restrictions.  For instance, if you have a right hip that has limited motion, your body will stop movement in that hip BEFORE you reach the end range of motion.  Meanwhile, since the left hip as plenty of room to move, your body will move excessively in the left hip to compensate for the right hip.  However, the muscles (as well as the rest of the kinetic chain) weren’t designed for the extra movement and thus can’t stabilize the left hip (or back, pelvis or knee) and thus we often will feel pain in the LEFT hip, knee, pelvis, or back.  This is all because the right hip is restricted.  Via video analysis of the athlete’s sport and the fundamental movement analysis, we can find where the restriction will be as well as what’s the compensatory movement.

It is common knowledge in the health field that our bodies will sacrifice a healthy joint to compensate for a weak or unhealthy joint.  Unfortunately, where the body stops moving, it isn’t where we feel it!  We often feel the healthy joint compensating.  Soon that healthy joint becomes unhealthy, and the cycle goes on.  We are all athletes and we all have athletic tendencies. If you want to get from point A to point B, and there’s an obstacle, then your body will find another way to get there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t realize it can lead to injury.  It’s like a timing belt in the car.  The belt can be cracking and breaking down without your knowledge until one day, it reaches it’s threshold and breaks.  Stay ahead of the game with Press Play video motion analysis.

About Dartfish

• allows us to upload your “movie” to Dartfish TV- login and password protected.
• Key Positions- you can print out the analysis with recommendations.
• Angles, lines, voice over- we can give you a scientific analysis of your sport using angles and line drawings tools.
• Exercises and soft treatment recommendations- Dr. Greaux specializes in correcting dysfunction.  She will give recommendations based on your video analysis.
• You can share your video with your sports medicine team and performance coaches.  You will also be able to download your “movie” onto your computer and DVD/CD.